Traditional & Social Media Unite

As the influence of social media grows, the impact of traditional media has been questioned more and more. Who reads a newspaper these days when your news can be delivered through tweets? Who watches television or listens to the radio when you canwatch clips on YouTube? While it is true that readership and viewership numbers are declining, traditional and social media work in concert to change consumer behavior. There is no need to choose one over the other. The key is finding the right balance, especially for health information.

While the traditional assumption is that mainstream media provides the “hard facts”, as recent Pew Internet research has shown, social media focuses more on exchanging this information with others. For example, according to their research, one in four internet users with a chronic condition say they have gone online seeking the advice of others with similar health concerns. That said, though, mainstream media often acts as a catalyst for those discussions. Combining these mediums in a way that works best for each individual campaign and its target audiences allows for the best saturation of messages.

-Laura de Zutter, Sr. Director of Client Services

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